[Casino Royale] Review

In elementary school, I remember watching a movie called “Die Another Day” by Pierce Brosnan. It was interesting to see the explosive and colorful bonds of cars, but the story is not memorable. In retrospect, it was not because I was an elementary school student, but I didn’t feel good, but because I didn’t feel the appeal of the character. In fact, Batman, who I saw at the time, is melted in my heart. The reason for the story of elementary school is that the casino Royal’s shockingly high perfection and Dai Another Day are clearly compared.

No -Time Two Dai will finally be released in the movie theater after overcoming many adversity. After waiting in April 20, I decided to settle down Daniel Craig’s 007 films to calm the excitement. The start is also casino Royale (2006). The film, which chose the blonde Daniel Craig (BLONDE, Not Bond?), Is considered a masterpiece. The reason I personally agree is summarized as follows.

The protagonist who is read but empathizes

The film begins with a black and white scene and Bond kills two men. The scene of killing a man with a radical action and killing an internal spy without a long conversation was cross -edited. It is often said that the opening of the film has the function of showing the keynote of a movie, and it is thought that casino royal is a good example. In fact, the film is full of light and physical action scenes, and Bond does not have a lot of unnecessary conversations. It does not appear until the middle of the film, such as Aston Martin Sports Car, Tuxedo, and Martini Vodka, which symbolizes bonds. There is no brilliant flirt.

In the first chase, it symbolizes this. In the scene of pursuing criminals in Africa, the culprit uses excellent physical skills when passing through the closed door to cross the small window on the door. But our bond type just destroys the door and passes through. You can also see a clever look. When the culprit rises, runs, and passes the obstacle like a flying squirrel, the bond moves efficiently using the surrounding environment. As if James Bond, who doesn’t depend on equipment, was born.

At the same time he is violent and reckless, and his love is excessive. Because he doesn’t think about the back, he blows an embassy in a country during his mission, and he is swung by his opponent while playing a card game. This causes disappointment to many people and causes a situation in which the big picture is shaking. As the first work of 007 Reboot, the bond is not perfect.

However, you can see growth with the help of the people around you. The process of incomplete bonds changing was also one of the fun of the film. After poking, he loses his stake and tries to take a reckless behavior with a knife, but he borrowed his bags from the CIA agent next to him. In addition, while being tortured, Vesper’s deal is only saved by Vesper’s deal. It’s obvious lucky. But through these events, bonds grow. At the end Mr. The appearance of not killing White (of course, for the background, but if it was in the early days of the film?) Shows that to the audience.

These appearances are not tired of unnecessary explosions and overwhelming romance from readers, but focus on Bond’s journey. He sympathizes with his unstable appearance, and he is sad to see the scenes where all women die. In the scenes that survived with the help of others, the movie was inevitable, and it would not have been one of me to feel relieved. Perhaps this series was needed to match the lack of or overwhelmed by the Playboy Pierce Brosnan 007. After watching the movie, I sympathized with the words that the series also saved the Bond series.

Similar to bonds, Son, so attractive villain

007 I have read the writings of the most vain died of the 007 villain. To agree. Bond’s balls are excited and they are in vainly rebellious by a mysterious man. But his fast exit did not lead to Billon without impact. Of course, there would have been a lot of attractive points, such as the calm mathematical genius and the appearance of means and methods to achieve their purpose.

But the real 더존카지노 reason is that it provided a new paradigm of 007 Billen. M is directly talking directly in Skyfall, but now the villain is not in a country. He is not a man who does certain ideas or beliefs, and does not aim for a big goal, such as overthrow and destruction of the world. Did you have a villain who cared about a plane? He is in a situation that overwhelms himself and struggles to overcome this situation.

To show this, it seems to have been described as a person who is compared with bonds in many ways. First of all, the two are similar. The two are in a crisis that they cannot afford for different reasons, and showcase the incomplete appearance. He is helpless when he is threatened by a terrorist who gave money during the poker game break, and he is more nervous than Bond when tortured. It’s different from the other Billans who were confident until the end. As mentioned earlier, he was finally handled because he could not meet the expectation of his organization.

On the other hand, unlike Bond, Le Chip had no people to help him around. In the case of Bond, he showed a shaking look at the woman’s body who almost spent the night together (although he was not himself). Also, I think Vesper is in danger, so I run without hesitation. What about our Le Chip? I stay still when my girlfriend tries to cut his arms. Even if you don’t care. It also shows arbitrary appearance, such as ignoring the employees’ advice when ordering short selling. It is the same as bond, but no one is controlling and helping him around. He was threatened to lose money and was eventually killed.

The end of the mathematical genius is as if the film gives us a lesson. The common theme that usually flows in the series of 007 is ‘male’, but in this film, it seems to be concerned about ‘growth’. Similarly, the other bonds and Le Chip eventually vary depending on the presence of a person who can take care of him and help him. The novel, the original film of the film, is said to have been set up as a person who is hungry and age. If such an actor was in the movie, would this be a masterpiece? It doesn’t seem to be a new setting.

To attach a four -family, the worldview of Daniel Craig 007 gave room to expand. In fact, in the sequel, Quantum of Solis, it begins by interrogating the person who killed Le Chip. This organization leads to quantum and later an organization called Specter, providing momentum for 007 movies. Is it exaggerated if you think that the death of a charming and capable Le Chip has opened this.

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“007 / No Time To Die” is a 2021 British movie.

The 25th work of the “James Bond” series.

Director Carry George Fukunaga

Starring Daniel Craig

Rami Malek

Rare Sedu

Lashana Lynch

Ben Wishaw

Ana de Armas

Naomi Harris

Jeffrey Light

Christoph Walz

Rayf Fines

Daniel Craig’s fifth James Bond series.

The past four works have a DVD, so I watch them many times,

After watching and reviewing last week, I went to Abeno Apollo Seinema.

It was the first time in 40 years to go to Apollo Seinema, but it was much worse than in the past.

In the first work “007 Casino Royal” (2006), the wounds are constant

It was Daniel Craig Bond, a naughty older brother,

There are few fighting scenes in the fourth “Specter” (2015) 10 years later

It was like a bond work from Roger Moore.

Five in this work 15 years later, there are even less fighting.

The enemy, Rami Malek, was the weakest villain among five works due to lack of power.

Javier Valdem plays 메리트카지노 a strong presence villain,

The third work, “Skyfall,” which was a revolutionary story development and settings, was the highest peak.

The good thing is that five works are continuous stories.

Miss Money Pennie of Ben Wish show and Naomi Harris, Miss Money Pennie

Rayf Fine’s M, Jeffrey Light’s Felix Writer, etc.

In addition to the regular members, the last Bond Girl Rare Sedu

It was good to play an active part from the beginning to the end.

Ana de Armas of “Blade Runner 2049” was also good.

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