[Living like traveling] My Australian story Vol.6 -The city called Brisbane

If you live, the capital “Brisbane”

I felt like it was accepted by the city

An unforgettable sky blue

I feel like a witch’s courier service

A city full of music

This is my Another Sky “Brisbane”

A 24 -year -old who jumped out of Japan with a dream. She was 33 years old crying and leaving Brisbane. She is 36 years old who flutters to be drawn. Why is this country so much of my heart? Living travel writer Kaneko Australia, a beautiful and bitter Australia. This time, I will talk about Brisbane’s charm. Patjo / ShutterStock.com Speaking of Australia, many people think of Sydney with opera houses, Melbourne, which is familiar in the world’s easiest city to live in the world? However, in 2006, I chose Brisbane for my study abroad. To be honest, it was in a state of “Where is it?” However, the result was a great city, but the more you live, the more you live, the more you will love. This time, how did the city of Brisbane appear in my eyes at the beginning of the migration? I would like to be able to tell the goodness of this city while looking back on memories. Queensland, which has the nickname of Martin Valigursky / Shutterstock.com Sunshine state. In particular, Brisbane is a place where the sun falls, with most of the year clear. The city and people are warm, and they laugh and call each other. There was a daily life where my heart was relaxed. At that time, if I couldn’t speak English yet, no one could call me a friend, and I was alone. I remember the kindness of such casual people in my heart. Gisellea / Shutterstock.com The first thing that surprised 더존카지노 me when I migrated was the color of the sky. It is so deep blue that it is likely to be sucked in, as if the blue of the paint was turned over. When walking around the city, my eyes are always up. It is a little laughter now that my neck hurts after looking up at the sky. Berm_teERawat / Shutterstock.com Brisbane, where old cobblestones remain, has an impressive cityscape. I couldn’t say anything about the European atmosphere, such as churches and casinos, so I liked it at a glance. Among them, the clock tower, which is called the “City Hall”, has been tickled by the adventurous spirit, with rumors that it has become a model of “Witch’s Delivery Service”. In retrospect, she may have repeated herself in Kiki, the hero who lives alone in a stranger. If there was a person who saw such a Japanese woman at the time, walking around the city while humming Yumin’s “Rouge’s Message”, it would be the 89th writer. Since I started going to CHAMELELEONSEYE / Shutterstock.com College, I spent more time on the “Queen Street” with campus. This is the main street of the city, a lively pedestrian paradise. Songsook / Shutterstock.com You can hear trendy songs from the cafe, and musicians sing a song with a guitar. Everyone on the road is wrapped in a gorgeous atmosphere, as if it is rhythmic rhythm. Martin Valigursky / Shutterstock.com If you notice, Brisbane, who spent eight years and was my second hometown. Every time the memories increase, the attachment to the city increases. This city, where nature, people and the cityscape are comfortable, will gradually change my values. But that’s another story. [All Photos by ShutterStock.com] PLEASE DO NOT USE TOTOS WITHOUT PERMISSION. [Living like traveling] My Australian story -vol.2 travel is like a movie [Living like traveling] My Australian story -vol.3 Midnight pool [Living like traveling] My Australian story ~ Vol.4 Financial power in a fine country!? [Living like traveling] My Australian story -vol.5 feeling

The latest road race machine

In braking, the front fork does not make the full bottom.

Old racing machine

The front fork

Full bottom with braking

While lying down

It was a setting where the front grows

In the latest racing machine

Braking does not use all of the stroke

At the same time as I put it in,

This is the setting that sinks in the front desk steadily and sinks deepest in front of the clip.

Keep the line R smaller and more while maintaining the fast turning speed and heading to the clip.

for that purpose,

Of course, to do that

With the front fork with a setting that can afford the stroke

With the front while the front sinks,

Even if the front weighted weight is increasing rapidly

Rather than the front that keeps sinking to the clip

The rear sinks a little

The ass does not flow out and does not push out the front.

With the rear suspension of that setting

You need a neutral frame for the operation of the front and rear suspension.

By braking

Sink the front using the straight inertia,

With a sleeping

Born turning G

Furthermore, sinking in the front of both the centrifugal force,

In front of the clip

When the brake releases, the fork grows up

The head pipe moves in the in -direction,

The centrifugal force due to the turning G is canceled, and the inertial force that tries to move straight is converted in the direction of bending.

This most “the moment of turn” is

By assembling it so that it comes in front of the clip

The reaction of the growing front is

Create a “force” that stabs the rear tires on the road,

Depending on the fast cornering speed

It leads to creating stronger rear tractions.

From decades ago

A successive Yamahawks development rider,

Be sure to be asked about Yamaha’s advantage

“It is a place where you can cornering with brakes from entry to clip.”

The answer is

The point where you want to change the direction most.

In other words, just before opening = by demonstrating the maximum turning force in front of the clip.

This is to increase the speed of opening the throttle and lead to a rising acceleration.

Now and in the past

In the turning of the motorcycle, the moment when the front sinks deeply and grows, the most bends.

The moment of the bend is

Slottle to balance the front of the front.

Assemble the run so that you can open it in the front of the clip.

By doing so,

From the start of braking to the beginning of the throttle

However, in order to compress sections with the lowest time loss

Just before the throttle wide opening from the clip,

The deceleration (turning resistance) and the turning (partial) can be done together to reduce the time.

That’s why in braking in the machine upright

You need a front fork with a setting that does not use the stroke.

Braking alone

For a front fork that does not have a full bottom

The rider adds a turning G to add a turning G to make a full bottom.

For that reason, in the deep of the stroke

It is necessary to have the characteristics that naturally sinks without striking.

That’s why the oil surface of the recent race fork 사설홀덤사이트 is very low, around 200mm.

Factory flat -out

FFOS Super Hypering Tune is

Not limited to BPF

Orleans from Orleans to ordinary cartridge fork.

And it is the above aim for the seanes valve for the damper rod fork.

In addition, SHOWA’s BPF is

Compared to Orleans and ordinary cartridge fork

Deep deep in the stroke

Because there is a structural weakness in which attenuation rises

Even if it is a FFOS tune

Gently handle the brake as the stroke range in the back

If you ride so that the stroke speed does not increase

It deteriorates excessive attenuation and sinks into the back.

In BPFs with a strong decay, more smooth operations are important.

B Square Racing Ota

The brake operation was very good, and the BPF was sinking into the back.

And the rear is also set

By applying FFOS total tuning

Both the turning and the braking performance are balanced

Both primary turning and secondary turn are balanced to improve traction.

In the suspension that has an advantage that only one place is out of place,

The total balance will be lost,

FFOS total tuning

We are aiming for a natural balance by creating a synergistic effect from the movements before and after.

So I can run with confidence regardless of dry wet,

It is flexible that can cover the wide range from touring to the circuit.

This FFOS Super Hyupri specification suspension is

Not only the cartridge kit

Compared to an expensive suspension unit for racing

The ground pressure of the tire increases

As the road surface follows, it will improve, so

Brake performance. Turn performance. Traction performance.

And since the tire life to the ride improves,

Not only racing performance,

It is a suguremono that allows everything to the comfort of touring ❤

The cost (list price) is as described in the link below.

All of the following consumption tax and shipping cost are separate.

Frequency Flexible Optimized Suspensions

・ Depending on the frequency of Frequency vibration

・ Flexible flexible and supple

・ Optimized optimized

・ SUSPENSIONS suspension

For changes in frequency

The idea of ​​suspension that works flexibly and supple is

Regardless of the road conditions

This is to create the best feeling, the best -speaking performance performance.

Intellectual, wild, brilliant

The setup of suspension is an intellectual and adult play ♪


Hiroshi Takashima


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