Good news, discovery of fun is exported

Thank you for your gratitude brunch writers, are you having a warm weekend evening?

I will hear good news from the publisher this afternoon.

With God’s grace,

We have signed an overseas copyright agreement with the Spring Publishing Co., Ltd. (A Division of Cité Publishing LTD.) of the Taiwanese Holy Reading Group.

Now the discovery of fun has really entered overseas.

(It has already entered Pennsylvania ^^)

It is said that the Chinese copyright agreement has been made, and it can be exported to all countries except China (including Hong Kong and Macau).

It is said that it is a very large publishing in Taiwan, so it is said to be 1,500 copies of the first edition. (In Korea, it’s about 800 copies these days)

It was my first book, so I didn’t even think about going abroad, and God gave me great blessings.

Less than a year after the discovery of fun, a manuscript request, a lecture, and now exported.

I’m really happy to try it all.

Soon 2 chain is said to be in a bookstore.

I have been educated 코인카지노 as a preliminary believer in Catholicism since December.

I went to the cathedral today and posted thanksgiving prayer.

+And there are also good news.

I passed to Yonsei University Graduate School and studied at school again this year.

I don’t think of graduate school, but I suddenly want to study more

I applied only one place last year, but it was stuck.

When I looked back, I started my life as a journalist.

God has given me a chance, so I try to do it hard.

I feel better because it is a school established by the grace of God’s servant.

Biseliness, sad things, all of this is God’s grace.

Brunch writers who read the shortcomings every time, I will pray that you are always healthy and happy.

Let’s be born again together.

Thank you.

Kim Seung -il.


“H1 channel at will”

This is Toshi.

About one year and three months have passed since the delivery.

While I have made a lot of petit improvements

The best thing was

This title is

It is “throttle controller”.

(With cruise control)

This time, even on Youtube of Mr. Laichoro

There was an introduction.

First of all, what is a throttle controller?

The throttle controller (slocon) is an electronic part that controls the accelerator response of a car equipped with an electronically controlled throttle.

For throttle control

With a wire type (I wonder if there is now)

There is an electronic control type.

Happy1 throttle control is an electronic control type

The electronic control type is different from the wire type

The driver intended to improve fuel efficiency

Accelerator operation depends on the computer

To control

To the opening of the throttle as it is

There are many cases where it is not connected.

In other words, as a car behavior


Start and accelerate smoothly “

Such an impression may be.

Axeleless response when starting

By pulling up

As if the displacement was increased

“Sport mode” that gives a sense of acceleration 🏎

Milder than normal 💦

By changing

“Eco -mode” for the purpose 인터넷카지노검증사이트 of improving fuel efficiency 🐢

From several modes such as

Feel free to change the lense response

You can choose 🔘

Because I installed it almost at the same time as the delivery

Watch this video

“Is it so different?”

It was a honest impression 💦

My throttle controller (slocon)

Sports mode: 7 levels

Response mode: 5 steps

Eco -mode: 5 steps

The larger the number, the more effective.

4 Normal mode 4 items with one button

You can switch freely.

In addition, the cruise control function

Because of the highway, it is useful.

So for the first time in a year and three months

I returned to normal mode and tried running

“Is it so different!

Honestly, there is no stress “😡

Usually at level 4 in response mode

I’m running.

I’m worried about fuel economy 💦

Total balance is suitable for me

I feel.

Sport mode is from normal mode

However, solid steps and partials

Extreme accelerator work that has been repeated

For those who do, the benefits up to that point

I don’t think you can feel it.

In other words, the slocon depends on the mode


Sensitive to the accelerator work to be insensitive

Because the output of the engine does not change due to things

Installation is easy.

Existing dedicated coupler

Pong between the accelerator and the brake maca

In the dash pode

Car speed pulse wiring to the slocon body

Just connect.

After that, make the initial setting according to the manual

To do.

Leichoro -san

It seems that I already ordered

Impression soon

It seems to be uploaded to YouTube.

I’m looking forward to it.

Please read it to the end again this time

Thank you

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