“NINJA400 [Tourer] replaced with vibration prevention bar end and gel grip”

I saw an article that the steering wheel vibration was terrible with a lot of YouTube motoro I saw before delivery. Wow, it’s since Yamaha’s DT360, which I borrowed from a friend more than 40 years ago. There are some nostalgic, but I feel a little sad to vibrate on a road bike. Therefore, as a countermeasure, replace it with a heavy bar end and replace the grip with a gel.

I see an article that HEX here is hard. I think it’s hard to use a stick type HEX key. It is not so hard to turn it with ratchet.

Insert a thin flathead screwdriver and blow the parts cleaner inside. If you blow up, down, left and right, and in the front, the adhesive will be softer and will come off. I need a little power.

It looks like this when you remove it. Wipe off the glue remaining on the pipe with a parts cleaner.

This is the gelgrip I bought this time

The inner diameter is different on the left and right, and the throttle on the right is thicker. (Right φ24, left φ22)

The grip adhesive was a silicon -based one, but I bought a special adhesive without stinging.

Since it is on the throttle side, put φ24. Pretty hard. I couldn’t put it in or out on the way, so I was troubled. The parts cleaner was not blown inside 코인카지노 the grip in advance. Oh, I forgot the tips of humanity from ancient times (laughs)

I forcibly pushed it in, so the grip shrunk, or it was slightly less light (;.;)

The bar end is said to be the heaviest.

Work on the left grip in the same way. This time, it was smooth because I blown the parts cleaner and slimy according to the “work”.

This was beautifully attached.

I didn’t take a picture, but the original adhesive was like a normal bond, and the scum was not removed with the parts cleaner, so I took it with a thinner.

If you do not take it neatly, it will be caught when you put a new grip and it will not be easy to enter.

Today’s work was super easy and high, but there was a pitfall.

By the way, what happened to the important vibration, but it was reduced so much that I didn’t mind at all.

If you put out 1 ● 0km/h or more at high speed, it will be severe, but there is no problem if you run normally, such as general roads, high speeds, and winding. I will report that it is effective.

[NINJA400 tourer]

Side stand pad (prevention of burying)

Handle height up and clamp bar mounting

Installation of ACC connector

ETC mounting

Dora Reco Installation

Large shield screen installation

Side stand hungry protrusions, shorts

Main sheet remodeling the main sheet against butt pain

Rear suspension exchange

Ney grip pad pasting

Hazard switch installation

[Bike garage construction 1]

last time

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