I want you to know more about the charm of casino ── It is a restaurant topic that makes you feel like Osaka (THE PAGE)

[Photo] Japan’s largest and bright shops, which are the image of European casinos, are now increasingly interested in employment creation and regional promotions. Meanwhile, the casino restaurant “JACK & QUEEN” (Namiwa -ku, Osaka -shi, Osaka), which opened in Minami in Osaka last July, has been introduced on TV and so on. Japan’s largest overall cost of 230 million yen is 230 million yen Casino restaurant & bar in Osaka, but this is the largest in Japan, up to 230 million yen. The size is about 70 tsubo. The second floor is a VIP floor. Luxurious interior design and chandelier are fascinating their eyes, making it the highest -class space full of luxury. It is said to be a European casino as a medieval European aristocrat as a social field. You can enjoy four types of table games: “Blackjack”, “Baccarat”, “Roulette” and “Poker”. Each table has a resident, and cannot be redeemed, but the rest is exactly the same as a real casino. You can fully experience the charm of casinos, such as ordering authentic Italian cuisine, eating and drinking at a bar counter, and pole dance. I enjoyed the casino in a pure bright space and asked the representative Dai Kanda. “When I go on a trip to Korea, everyone goes to the casino as part of the tour, but the Japanese go home soon. I don’t know the fun of the casino. So I want you to know more about the casino. It has opened the store. In Japan, casinos still have an underground image, and there seems to be some shops that do not follow the law, but we can enjoy the casino in a pure bright space. The first visit to the Casino Bar is the concept, and the concept is the concept. “The first visitors will first use a stand to teach the dedicated dealer. There is also a game rulebook. “I have a lecture for more than 30 minutes. I will explain all four games. Tours including lectures are free. Tours are OK. If you receive the system explanation, you can play chips.” (Kanda Representative) The price is 5,000 yen for the first time, free of female. No time limit. There are various casino foods that can be picked up with one hand while playing games (chicken nugget 600 yen or more). You can enjoy elaborate meals, and you can enter and leave the 슬롯머신 store in the daytime. By the way, it is said that only Japan has no casinos in developed countries. By the way, the store is operating with exactly the same permission as the “Game Center” of the 8th business law. There are many oppositions to the casino about poisoning, but if the casino bill is passed, Japanese tourist facilities may be greatly noted overseas as a new tourist resort. (Responsibility / Free Writer Yasunori Kita)

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